An Idea Blossoms into a 25 Artisan Global Network: Let’s Curate’s 6 Month Journey

By On November 29, 2019

I began my day today by mulling over the concept of time. It means so much and yet so little!

I launched Let’s Curate on June 1st and today marks 6 months since it took flight. But it feels like a lifetime since I first conceived the idea, nurtured it, and brought it to fruition. And simultaneously, it is fresh because there is so much more to do and the road ahead is long and inviting!

But at this very moment, I take stock of the 24 (soon to be 25) wonderful artisans Let’s Curate now represents from 18 countries around the world!

Made in Love Design from Armenia – Handbags & Lighting Designs

Perrrce from Croatia – Whimsical Fabric Necklaces & Brooches

ArtKVarta from Estonia – Stained Glass Jewelry

Wooden Boomerangs from Lithuania – Handcrafted and Handpainting Boomerangs

Studio Lorier from The Netherlands – Customizable Bookshelf, Lighting and Furniture

Pangzi Ceramics from Poland – Porcelain Figurines and Ceramic Kitchenware

Ursula Jewelry from Ukraine – Wire Jewelry

Fen and Co from United Kingdom – Avant Garde and Terrarium Jewelry

Paul and Meryl Pottery from United Kingdom – Handprinted Ceramics

Coach House Forge from United Kingdom – Steel, Iron and Copper Based Bowls and Decor



Gaia Tree from India – Gond Art Based Kids Stuff, Cushions, Papier Mache Masks

Chhoti Bai Jewels from India – Handmade Traditional Silver Jewelry

Material Immaterial Studio – Concrete Based Home Decor and Accessories

Jyoti Karn – Madhubani Paintings

Hands of Tibet from Indonesia, Tibet and Nepal – Traditional Thangka Paintings, Jewelry, Meditation and Spiritual Symbols

Artori Designs from Israel – Metal Sculptures, Kids Stuff, Home Decor

Gul Khan Truck from Singapore – Handpainted Serveware and Home Essentials



Zulugal Retro – Upcycled Fashion Accessories



Lemonee on the Hills from USA – Tote Bags, Office Accessories, Home Decor

Maia Ming Designs – Award-Winning Contemporary Ceramics

Shannybeebo Clocks from USA – Eclectic and Sustainable Clocks

By Alejandra Designs – 3D Printed and Slip Cast Based Ceramics



The Bone Art Place from New Zealand – Handcrafted Bone Jewelry and Maori Art Based Wall Art


Our team has also expanded from 1 to 4 and I thank my teammates, Keely, Hannah and Sydney for playing key roles in building the momentum.

Our objective for the coming year is not just to expand the network but also promote the extraordinary handmade creations of our artisans who are either reviving traditional arts and crafts or putting a unique contemporary spin on it.

I am filled with pride and gratitude for this opportunity to do my bit to bring them to the forefront and hope to continue receiving love and support from the Let’s Curate community!

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