Creating Fantasies Using Fiber!

By On January 31, 2020

I started crocheting while attending a crochet course when I was 10. During the 2 years while the course lasted, I fell in love with crochet and started creating toys, clothes and just about anything one can create with crochet.


After taking a long break, I started crocheting again while attending college. I created my first necklaces out of the need to wear something unique. Then, gradually, I started creating for friends and classmates and slowly got my first paid orders.


Next came the fairs, exhibitions and contests, pushing me to sharpen my skills and taking crochet to the next level. I wanted to show that crochet has an enormous potential, can be cool and can also be perfected into an art form.


I learned to master freeform crochet in such a way that I rarely need sketches nowadays, the creation process being spontaneous and the end result I cannot anticipate.


I also realised that it’s very important how we interpret the things we see or take our inspiration from. We don’t need to copy, we need to interpret, stylize and to suggest the idea of what inspired us in the first place.


Lidia Puica is a fiber artist & a jewelry designer based in Romania and also a mother of a two year old boy. You can follow her on

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