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Costa Rica


I am a metalsmithing artist from Costa Rica having received my main metalsmithing education at a local academy called Studio Metallo, which taught me the classic techniques and crafting common sense. From this I expanded on my own and developed my own artist identity working by myself for several years.

Artist's Perspective

My artistic purpose is to contribute to the reconciliation of our human relationship with nature and God, in hopes that one day our existence is the most meaningful and connected with God and nature in all aspects of our society and civilization.

I feel that as a civilization, we need to embrace the natural order and its apparently chaotic spirit, and realize that reality, human consciousness and will, are intertwined, and that the best things come when we, nature and consciousness, work together. Human awareness and control aren't necessarily a bad thing, but when we try to control nature against its will, instead of cooperating, we get frustrated by the inevitable failure that this produces.

We need to use our will and control, to work with the natural order, and potentiate it.

For example:

When working on a new technique or material, you have to expect “failure” , especially learning on your own, but to me the beauty of the process is that nothing is ever a failure. Everything is always a positive learning experience. I feel that the best personal characteristic you can develop is loving when things don't go as you expected. If you learn to love that feeling, frustration becomes fascination, and lots of times in human history, major discoveries are accidental.

This is why when working with a new material, things don't go my way, I feel happy! The failing of the materials, to do what I wanted, is actually the material teaching me, telling me I am not being subtle enough, I am not being aware of the material’s needs, capacities, properties, etc.

In the same way, when civilization fails, it is because we are not aware of the natural world that underlies us, and instead of us changing our ways, we push our will against the natural laws, and we fail. But likewise, the important thing is to recognize this and adapt our patterns of behavior, to align with the natural order, so that we can get the result we want, by being aware of the nature of our reality, and acting accordingly.

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