Guest Curator

Ivana Palugova


Hello everyone! My name is Ivana Palugova, I am from a small country called Slovakia in Europe, and I love to crochet - and by "love" I mean I am obsessed with it! I started to crochet when I was 3 and my lovely grandma taught me how to make all those single and double crochets. Now, I crochet garments and accessories for women mainly and I am passionate about the slow fashion movement. I use sustainable materials and every item is made really slowly, as slowly as crocheting is!

My favorites

Beige crop top
This top is made of linen and cotton blend and when I saw the material I instantly knew I have to make something like this! Summery, breezy piece that I will not want to put off all summer long!

Sage green clutch
This colour makes me feel so calm... and I love the design I made on this clutch - simple yet sophisticated and you can add it to the evening outfit as well as to the day outfit. Love it to the bits!

Coral dress
I had the idea of this dress in my head for three years! Now I really don't know what held me back. But now, it is my favourite summer piece!

Aqua top
This top (or T-shirt if you want) is in my favourite colour and made of squishy organic cotton yarn and I wear this on those hot days when my shoulders turn red even in the morning.

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