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This work explores bold patterns and vibrant colors, but it is the nuance found in the layered color, subtle texture and light shifting finishes that provide the endless intertest found when experiencing this work. It is exploring linear threads of color with multiple thin layers of acrylic emulsion paint with varied matte and gloss finishes to create a surprising level of depth and translucent interest. It is overlaid with a mid-century style jacquard type pattern that gives the impression of peering through raindrop covered glass.

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  • Made In: USA
  • Material: Multi-layered acrylic emulsion paint and gel medium on wood panels.
  • Size (Dimensions): Size: 10”x 10” panels (33” x 33” when displayed complete)
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Contact us at letscurateinfo@gmail.com for buying a combo of 3 or 9 panels. Price for combo of 3 panels is $850 and combo of 9 panels is $1800. Panels can be purchased individually or in combinations of 3 or 9.
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