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Athina Maili


I am a self-taught weaver and jewelry designer born and raised in Athens, Greece. I first started weaving in 2008 when I made an improvised standing loom to experiment with the textile design. Trying to highlight my style and the Greek folk traditions, I marry the ancient art of hand-weaving with the modern boho aesthetics in jewelry. Find me at Instagram and Facebook

Artist Portfolio

Every piece of my collection is "molded" in the small studio of my house, always listening to music and entirely by hand, from beginning to end, with every detail, which makes it unique. I enjoy that slow process which is like a kind of meditation for me.

I often mix vintage elements and patterns with any material that feeds my imagination, so my creations have to narrate something from my bohemian soul and manage to be timeless and modern at the same time. Apart from weaving, I use various techniques, such as embroidery, knitting, macrame, which I often combine.

Featured here are some of my favorite creations. The hand woven rings are made of cotton, linen as well as metallic and gold threads. Semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls and glass beads adorn them. The embroidered earrings are also created using the same materials but include coral, bronze, strass and glass stones as special embellishments. I have used waxed string and glass and bronze beads for the sequined bracelet. Finally, the shell statement earrings have a touch of crystal and pearls to make them unique

My inspiration comes from jewelry and works of art of antiquity, from traditional clothes and accessories of different races of the world, from nature, music, and everything that manages to stimulate my senses. I mainly use cotton, linen, gold thread, and semi-precious stones.

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