Artist in the Spotlight

Keiko Weston
United Kingdom


Hello! My name is Keiko originally from Japan, now based in the UK. I began learning calligraphy when I was 6 years old under the tutelage of a master who was a friend of my grandmother. Straight away I gained a passion and love for the beauty of calligraphy. With 25 years of experience and skills, I currently run classes and create customised artwork for restaurants, shops and individuals. My aim is to show and teach people around the world about the beauty of Japanese calligraphy. I believe that through this I can give people a great knowledge of the Japanese soul and the heart of the Japanese culture.

My favorites

I chose 4 artwork which inspire me the most. The first artwork means 'Fateful encounter'. When I first started my calligraphy class, I felt so grateful to have had the opportunity to have all my students who have interests in Japanese culture and calligraphy, and share a time to gather for the same passion. I thought this was a fate and that night I created this art to represent how I felt.

And the second one is called 'Ima' in Japanese which means 'This moment'. Soon after I had my daughter, I made this art as I strongly thought I need to live this moment all the time. Time goes so quickly, but time with my daughter is too good to miss. I cannot take it as granted.

Third one 'Kokoro' means 'Heart'. I always love this word. Even by looking at this character makes my heart warm and calm.

Finally, the last one means 'Motion'. There is a moment to need to be calm/still, and also a moment to be motion in life. I wrote this word energish and strong just like the word represents it.

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