Summer Breeze – Handpainted Floral Silk Scarf

Special Features

The quality of the silk is Habotai 8. The scarf is interesting for its articulation and the combined technique of painting.

For painting, the artist used steam paints, white pearlescent contour, colored turquoise contour soluble in water, effect salt, water and alcohol.

  • Made In: Slovakia
  • Material: Silk
  • Size (Dimensions): 72 x 74 Centimeters
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There is a decent wavy border around the scarf. From one corner, areas with several patterns propagate in waves and alternate.

In the middle there is a pattern of pastel-colored circles lined with gentle light blue surfaces with effect salt. Areas with more pronounced narrow leaves follow. They are replaced by shaded waves in shades of purple surrounded by a green mosaic. The surface is formed by the surface formed by colored bottles, transformed by alcohol into a bubble motif.

The scarf lands on women of all ages, elevating the elegance of clothing and the uniqueness of women. A lady can tie a scarf in many fashionable ways and decorate her neckline, shoulders, hairstyle, hands, she can wear it instead of a belt, she can diversify her purse, bag ... And when she gets tired of wearing a scarf as a clothing accessory, she can frame it and hang on the wall as a luxurious painting.

Natural silk is known for its unique thermoregulatory properties. It is pleasant to the touch.

The scarf is handmade in Slovakia.
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