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Born and living in Greece, I am an English teacher by profession but a jewelry maker for 25 years now. It began as a hobby and is now finally, a second profession. I first worked with silver and semi precious stones,but always seeked for alternative mediums and techniques. In my constant research,I created jewelry using techniques like tatting, felting, macrame, crocheting, to name but a few.

Over the last two years I have also participated as an instructor in international events,like Curious mondo and Polymer clay virtual workshop.

Artist's Perspective

My love for fibers led me to needle weaving and my love for claying led me to polymer clay.

Having attended seminars with international artists of the kind I have built my own style and following my personal esthetics Ι now create jewelry almost exclusively using the needle weaving technique and polymer clay.I very frequently like to combine these seemingly "incompatible" materials( threads and polymer clay), which I finally marry into interesting and original results.

I love organic forms though I sometimes yield in geometry if this serves the project I have in mind. I draw inspiration from whatever around me that kindled my interest, nature mostly, but also fabrics, paintings and sculpture.

My brand name is "manus in mano jewelry" a Latin phrase which means hand in hand, since my pieces are totally made by hand and are offered to hands.

Examples of my work you can see on my Facebook page:

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