Artist in the Spotlight

Mariela Notario Laborí & Senén Tabares Ricardo
United States


Bitácora is the name of a collection of jewelry made by Mariela Notario, an industrial designer specializing in costume and Senén Tabares, a photojournalist. We are a Cuban couple currently living in the United States. For a decade we have prioritized the reuse of antique materials with interesting aesthetic values and the added value of the patina of time to make our work of goldsmithing / jewelry / art. Participants in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Havana Design Biennials, 14th Havana Art Biennial, Semifinalists in the 9th edition of Green Awards 2022, Award for best contemporary design at the Jewelry Week in Milan 2022.

Artist's Perspective

We work the formal concepts of bionics, which can be used by any gender, playful, figurative, among others. The realization of each design is completely manufactured, we romance with the ancient craft of handmade goldsmithing, without polluting practices in the production chain, small collections with the "made to order" as a model of sustainable production.

Our raw material is obtained from the recovery and reuse of antique found objects: watches, cutlery, locksmithery and other small metal machineries that are family heirlooms, jewels of the past capable of remaining in time, transformed into constructive structures of unique jewelry that embody the timeless charm of antique pieces.

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