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Olga Teksheva


Hello! I am Olga Teksheva, an installation artist, sculptor and visual artist based in Rome (Italy). I have taught at the National Institute of Design (Moscow) and am also a member of S.E.W. (Society for Embroidered Work). I was selected for the first show of the Society, “First International Contemporary Stitched Art Show” that was held in London in November 2019. I am currently developing a project as a curator for the second show of the Society for Embroidered Work that should open in Rome in October 2021 as part of Rome Art Week.

My greatest sources of inspiration are archaeological objects, underwater world, traditional textiles of Siberian or Pre-Columbian cultures (connected to the shamanistic traditions). Medieval Japanese art, especially theatre costumes and objects and esthetics of the Tea Ceremony are also an enormous font of inspiration.

I love the works of legendary Italian artist Maria Lai, she was one of the first ones to reject the idea of fibers and weaving as "traditional domestic activity" and has boldly brought them to the field of contemporary art. Igshaan Adams' amazing sense of colour and his thoughtful research of textures is another source of inspiration for me. Next up is Olga De Amaral for her minimalism and for her amazing experiments with light on fibers. Lastly, Phyllida Barlow's alternative, theatrical reality and surreal spaces rank among my top idols.

My favorites

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