Learning to Fly : Sculpture

Special Features

Sculpture made of copper, brass, and silver mounted on a granite base

  • Made In: Ireland
  • Color: Sky Blue,Black,Blue,Copper
  • Material: Copper, Brass, Silver, Granite
  • Size (Dimensions): 9.44882 × 5.31496 × 6.29921 in
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Original one-of-a-kind artwork

This piece is inspired by ‘The Elephants’ painting by Dalí as well as Leonardo da Vinci’s early drawings of flying machines. It is an ode to the pioneers of flight who courageously pursued their dreams, pushing boundaries that paved the way for modern flight. It is a celebration of what is possible when we pursue our dreams as well as a reminder of a time when the idea of flying was considered unrealistic. In a time when flying has become so much a part of daily life, I feel it’s important to remember those that helped to get us here and the excitement and awe that surrounded this feat.

I created this piece from copper, brass, and silver and it is mounted on a granite base. Each part has been hand formed and delicately soldered together. The metal has been patinated to create vibrant blue tones adding an other-worldly feel to the piece. I have used the age-old process of granulation to add further texture and detail to the wings.


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