Designer Poligon Sake Set

Special Features

Porcelain tableware at a low resolution: The Poligon Collection. Instead of smooth shapes, this sake set is build up out of polygons. It has a very surprising shape, and will perfectly fit in a modern environment. Due to the polygons, the grip is a lot different.

  • Made In: Netherlands
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Size (Dimensions): Height: 15 cm (6”), Diameter: 10 cm (4”), Volume: 700 ml (24 Fl.oz), Dimensions cup: Diameter: 6 cm (2,5”), Height: 6 cm (2,5”), Volume: 100 ml (3,5 Fl.oz)
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The outside is a high gloss white color, to emphasize the polygons. The inside color of the cups is available in Bright orange, emerald green and cobalt blue. Content Package: Sake bottle + 2 sake cups
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