Sweet Decision - Pink Bow Tie

Special Features

The size of the bow tie in the widest parts is 11 × 7 centimeters. The circumference around the neck is sewn from suedine fabric, it closes with Velcro.

  • Made In: Slovakia
  • Material: Italian Fabric, Silk, 100% Kashmiri Wool, Nymo Thread, Elastic Velvet, Black Freshwater Pearls, Cut Glass Beads, Preciosa, Toha, Myiuki Seed Beads, Velcro
  • Size (Dimensions): 11 x 7 Centimeters
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The Artist sewed the perimeter belt on the sewing machine, it is adjustable, minimum 28 cm, maximum 39 cm. The body of the butterfly is sewn by hand. The back is made of hand dyed black silk of Crep de Chine 8 quality, with steaming colors. The front part is made of luxurious Italian fabric by Dormeuil (100% Kashmiri wool) with a rooster footprint pattern. Also it is embroidered Nymo thread on felt covered with elastic velvet.The artist used cultured black freshwater pearls, the minerals tourmaline and hematite.

They are complemented by strass, cut glass beads, Preciosa, Toho and Myiuki seed beads. Gift wrapping is included. The bow tie cannot be washed in water.
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