The culture of Art – “Simple things are always the most difficult.”

By On September 30, 2019

Art is a form of expression that helps you say and show things that trouble, make you fall in love or just strike a chord. As a child I remember two things. Painting and Acting. Two arts although different, but essentially the same, because the result is alike.

You show feelings … You create feelings …


With the passage of time and evolution of technology, you can do more than you think. Digital Art and Graphic Design are two recent developments. I still remember my first attempt to give “life” , with the help of my computer, to a sketch that I had painted. Now what I do is based solely on digital art, illustration and graphic design. Α little bit of everything.


Lately, I have turned my attention towards Pop Art culture. What I like best is creating projects from another era, with a minimalist mood and a slight touch of modern times.

I love also History of Theatre and am pursuing it academically and have added it to my projects. Another thing I like just as much is the History of Fashion, which is why I have my portraits represent major designers I admire.

Each color hides his own message. I prefer working on a white background. White and black is my base. I never get bored with this combination.

Although in general I like colors, I have no favorite and I go with flow based on what my mood dictates. I usually try to work with pastel shades and always prefer slight strokes. I’m very strict with myself, I always try to balance and if the results are not to my liking, I start all over.

Whoever said that what we do is easy, it’s a lie. As Carl Jung said: “Simple things are always the most difficult.”

Sissy Mpizimi is a Graphic Designer, Illustrator & Digital Artist from Greece. She was born in Athens on September 5th, 1995. From an early age she has been interested in the arts. In 2015, she began her studies in the field of study Acting Theater and Cinema Art in Thessaloniki. She has attended “History of Theatre” classes and she likes to read and learn history of fashion.

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