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Spring In A Small Space

By On April 29, 2019

Your balcony, however small, is a very special space that connects you with nature. With winter making its exit and spring in the air, the time has arrived for me to transform my tiny Juliette balcony into an inviting and attractive area. Doing so in an organic and inexpensive manner while maintaining a certain personal style to it, is the challenge. I love mixing colors and textures. It certainly helps banish the gloom of winter and welcome spring in style.



The central aspect of the balcony is the seating. I like simple yet clever designs and anything with a pop of color is a win in my book.





I love elaborately designed window boxes lining balcony railings. It looks elegant and adds richness and pizzazz to your balcony.




No garden is complete without plants. Plans evoke a feeling of peace and the way you display them is key. I prefer a combination of interesting terraniums and small plant holders scattered around the balcony floor. You can create an interesting look by clubbing terraniums and other plant holders in different nooks of the space.



Wind chimes are perfect companions to breezy days. The tinkling music as the air slides around it is just what the soul needs sometimes.



Balconies are your escape from the hundrum of life so why not make that space even more special by adding unique accessories? Coffee/tea sets, magazine/newspaper holders, mini bird houses are delightful touches that don’t take up too much space but yet add so much more to the entire look.


It doesn’t take a lot to liven up a small outdoor space and the combination of all these elements is enough to make your smile wider as you enjoy the sun and make you feel as if spring has truly sprung.


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