Sharing Happiness through My Knits

Sharing Happiness through My Knits!

By On August 30, 2019

I wouldn’t exactly call myself a knitter, but rather I use knitting as a creative outlet. Just like someone who draws doodles on the edges of paper laying around the kitchen counters.

It all started back in 4-H Club with my Auntie who is truly, an avid knitter to this day. She taught me how to weave yarn around 2 bamboo needles to make patterns and fancy-looking stitches that, 10-year-old me, was very proud of.

Over the years, my cousin inspired me to take my yarn with me wherever I went. I’d pick up my needles and a couple balls of yarn and shove them into my backpack, my purse or my overnight bag. It was like a textile sketchbook I could take with me anywhere. I’d start a project not knowing if it was going to be a hat or a scarf or a funky little bag. I’d switch skeins of yarn here and there, making all sorts of wonky designs and color schemes .

Hats became my ‘signature’ and they’d be born from weaving yarn at random (patterns, stitches, & colors) around circular needles. I’d buy colors that didn’t match, inherit high quality wool from my Aunt, and go to random yarn sales at knitting shops to build my palette. I’d reach in my yarn bag and see what the next color was that would pop out, and go with it.

Different places I’d find myself on road trips or visiting friends in faraway lands, and in between classes at school would be my knitting time. And soon enough friends and some random strangers I’d meet in the mountains would comment on the funky yarn mash-ups I’d adorn on my head and there was a lot of love coming back my way for them. At this point I could whip up a hat in about a week, or a few days if I had a lot of time on my hands, so I started making them for people who touched my soul or really admired my little creations. These hats became my little valentines, my note of appreciation.

I can count 8 different people from 4 different countries that sport my spur-of-the-moment art projects on their noggins. And this warms my heart and, hopefully, their heads!

Aubrey Dalton is from Upstate New York originally and is now living with her husband in Perth, Australia. An avid outdoor enthusiast and yoga teacher, she spends most of her time in nature and finding different ways to connect with the community around her. She is very excited to collaborate with Let’s Curate as an extension of community involvement!

1 thought on “Sharing Happiness through My Knits!”

  1. I love you, Aubrey! So glad knitting has become a steadfast, travel companion. How nice that your generousity leaves a little love and warmth with friends. And, your friends have global reach.
    Miss you! Back to my knitting. Love Always, Auntie

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