September 30, 2019

The culture of Art – “Simple things are always the most difficult.”

Art is a form of expression that helps you say and show things that trouble, make you fall in love or just strike a chord. As a child I remember two things. Painting and Acting. Two arts although different, but essentially the same, because the result is alike. You show feelings … You create feelings … Continue reading “The culture of Art – “Simple things are always the most difficult.””

August 1, 2019

Wanetik Sculptures: When History Meets Art

Life is strange, to say the least! My vision to scour the globe for unique artisans has led me down many seemingly unrelated paths. It is interesting though, that it somehow always merges with my mission to curate not only wonderful artists but also stories that are fascinating. Israel has been on my travel wish … Continue reading “Wanetik Sculptures: When History Meets Art”