Let’s Curate & Living Art Life: Aligned in Preserving the Legacy of Folk Arts

By On October 14, 2020

It took me a long time to understand and appreciate Indian art, especially folk art! When the idea of launching a curator platform took hold of me, I started looking at everything differently. I realized how my personal collections almost always veered towards folk art. Upon investigating closer, a whole new world opened up for me. I began a fervent search to discover as much as possible, leading me to a wonderful platform called Living Art Life, founded by SnehalataRowlo, a former IT analyst and an all time art lover, we are aligned in our mission to uncover artisans stories and pay a tribute to their craft. Living Art Life is a one-stop for art lovers and for those who want to discover Indian art and handicraft creations. Explore the beauty of Indian Art and Handicrafts, learn art facts and inspiring art stories, with Living Art Life.

Every state in India has unique artworks that have their own unique style.

Living Art Life focuses on various aspect of traditional folk arts like Phad art of Rajasthan and Pattachitra art of Odisha

Snehalata emphasizes how in the modern era of machine made products and with overwhelming issues like plastic waste, water, noise, sand and air pollution, an eco-friendly and a sustainable way of life is the only way to survive. And opting for local handicrafts is one of best ways to support and contribute to environment.

Whether it is a coconut shell craft from Kerala or the handmade incense sticks made from temple flowers waste in Haryana, handicrafts are primarily eco friendly

Through her blog, Snehalata is keen on educating people about the essence of Indian handi-crafts. That makes us natural partners since the Let’s Curate platform also wholeheartedly believes in preserving and nurturing age-old arts and crafts.

It is an undeniable fact that we need art to survive and thrive. Tribal arts are a rich and integral part of national legacy and heritage and it is upon all of us to support and continue providing a space for it to flourish!

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