February Recap: Podcast, New Thailand Collection and Multi-Media Collaboration

By On March 1, 2021

Spring in the air and spring in our step! As cheesy as it sounds, there are plenty of reasons for cheer, the weather being just one of them.

The most exciting aspect of the platform is the discovery and process of showcasing new artisans. And this month, we are proud to launch many firsts.

To begin with, we launched not only our first Limited Edition piece from Thailand but also a full sustainable jewelry collection. Lucija Perko and Titaka Tansul aka Joy are jewelry designers extraordinaire focusing on merging traditional Thai skills with innovation.

Click here for the Ethereal Flowers necklace exclusive to the Let’s Curate community.

Click here for the expanded silver jewelry collection covering other fantastic designs.

As I have always emphasized, the platform goes beyond being a store. My objective is to create a space for independent artisans to thrive and find ways to connect with their unique audience.

In light of this, I am thrilled to announce a new multi-media collaboration avenue. Our first feature is Cee Kay, an artist from Australia. An inspiring figure, she is our Artist of the Month. We also created a portfolio video of her best works which we will launch very soon.

This past month, I was also fortunate to be interviewed on the London-based, “Handmade Podcast” hosted by award-winning materials scientist, writer and storyteller. Hope you enjoy it: https://play.acast.com/s/handmade/letscuratewithmeghanagiridhar.

Our creative shout-outs for February:
Karina Garcia
Giulia Artioli

Finally, a snapshot of our global artisanal line-up:
Australasia & Oceania

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Until next month..

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