Doing it Right: Fair Trade Benefits Artisans and You!

By On October 23, 2020

2020 has been a harbinger of many radical initiatives, whether we like it or not! It remains to be seen what stays and what becomes redundant but it is clear now that fair trade and ethical and sustainable fashion are social movements that will endure.

Fair trade, ethical and sustainable fashion are vital approaches towards sourcing and manufacturing that not just maximizes commerce and industry but more importantly to society at large. The more important consequence is the minimization of environmental impact.

At Let’s Curate, our global network of independent artisans is focused on reviving and reinventing age-old handmade traditions and not chasing the route of fast production. Perfecting any craft takes time and is at the core of every creation on our platform.

In our search to seek avenues that work towards enhancing our makers’ environment, we came across Kindred Movement, founded by Tawny Austin. In Tawny’s words – “I created the Kindred Movement Blog & Podcast because I want to create a MOVEMENT. We are Kindred Spirits with the artisans who are across the globe. They are women & men just like us who would like to provide for their families in a dignified way. They don’t want charity. They want an opportunity. We can provide that for them by partnering together to share their stories & sell their beautiful products, and by inviting other Kindred Spirits to join us and create a ripple effect, a MOVEMENT for change.”

We are increasingly witnessing a change from quick gratification to deliberate and conscious choices made by buyers made on the basis of conditions faced by creators, many of whom are vulnerable. Fair and ethical trade is a proven way to accelerate skills, income and reach of artisans worldwide. Everyone benefits so next time you want to buy something, it will do a world of good to pause and support the fair trade movement and give voice to those who deserve it most!

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