Brooch - Hexagonal Prismoid III

Special Features

A beautiful prism brooch made in silver. This is not just a brooch but a piece of art!

  • Made In: South Korea
  • Material: Silver
  • Size (Dimensions): W 5.00 x H 4.40 x D 2.40 cm
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Memory is like a kaleidoscope. The kaleidoscope is full of beautiful little colored stones.

We exist in the world of Hexagonal Kaleidoscope and form countless networks in it.

Patterns and patterns overlap, and another order is created so we can think of stability, peace and the future. The artist feels nostalgia, comfort, reliability and healing through her precious childhood memories. As time goes by, clear and pure memories of those days are getting faded, the mind and the body is exhausted, but through memories can gain power beyond their limits, so memories of childhood are the most precious things it seems to be settled. With this mind, She began to put that memory into one space.

The main material in the artist's work, sterling silver, reminds her of a side of our returning days like a pure child. The technique of sawing used in her work means rules and repetitive action, representing hope as a result of repetitive life actions through the process of patience and effort made one by one.

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