Backbone of a Fish in the Night Sky - Brooch

Special Features

The galaxy is compared to river in East Asia, including Korea. The galaxy, another word for Milky Way, originated in Greek and Roman mythology and is said to have been sprinkled with Hera’s milk. Like this, word that describe the galaxy vary from region to region.

Among them, the !kung people of Botswana thought of the galaxy as the backbone of a giant beast. They believed the galaxy, the backbone, was in the beast’s stomach and supported the sky.

In this work, such galaxies presented my own interpretations through stories. The galaxy, called a river in Korea, is a fish that can swim freely and freely move anywhere with long tail.

  • Made In: Korea
  • Material: Sterling Silver, Colored Silver Leaf, Beads, Acrylic Thread
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Do not expose to UV rays for a long time and when storing, avoid direct sunlight.
Be careful not to touch water and hot heat.
The shape can be deformed when subjected to strong impact.
Exposure to strong UV rays or sulfur-based substances can change the color of the colored of the silver leaf.
If you get caught in something sharp, the threads were sewn can be broken.
Bruch the acrylic thread gently with fingers when it gets tangled.
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