Neo Brooch

Special Features

This brooch is a simple yet bold expression of the movement of aluminum honeycomb. The metal fittings use magnets and can be fastened in various directions. This ring allows you to enjoy the movement of aluminum honeycomb at your fingertips. Usually for protection. A magnetic cover is provided.

  • Made In: Japan
  • Material: Aluminum honeycomb, Stainless steel, Magnet
  • Size (Dimensions): 6.5cm×1.3cm×1.3cm
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Weight: 26g

Although it is metal, you will experience an unexpected feel unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

On the other hand, however, it is also a delicate design, which also features a cover to protect it.

Metal = heavy and hard image. This material shown in the photo may also look like that.

If you have that preconceived notion, you may be surprised at how it feels and how freely it moves when lifted. The honeycomb structure of layered thin metals provides strength in a small area, and is mainly used as a material for architecture and aircraft. This is a new kind of jewelry that allows you to feel the gap between the visual and tactile senses even though it is made of metal.

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