Handmade Centered Opal Ring

Special Features

A statement ring that is both minimal & understated, featuring a geometric half circle hammered along the top & a small brilliant opal, moonstone, or turquoise in the center. 

Please contact letscurateinfo@gmail.com for custom models. Prices may differ from that on the Let’s Curate website depending on the level of customization.

  • Made In: USA
  • Material: 14k Gold Fill, Opal, Moonstone, Turquoise
  • Size (Dimensions): 14k gold f., approx. 1.5 MM thick, 3 MM stone, available in opal, moonstone, or turquoise
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All detail on this ring is hand done. Gold Filled metal is a material that is much higher quality and far more lasting than either gold plate or vermeil. The layer of gold in gold filled jewelry is over a hundred times thicker than either plating or vermeil and should last for years.
Shipping Policy

Shipping is included in the price. Best efforts will be made to ship the items in time, but it is not the vendor's responsibility if there is any delay due to external influences. The receiving party is responsible for possible extra fees, such as local import rates and tax.


Please first message us at letscurateinfo@gmail.com regarding your return and if it is approved, please send the item back in original packaging or the equivalent (bubble envelope) and if it is in original condition and packaging then I am happy to offer a full refund. I cannot however refund any of the shipping costs. I will not at all consider a return past 30 days. All pieces are hand made to order, so returns must be considered on a case by case basis. I cannot exchange a ring for a different size. I make every ring to order, so please be very careful when selecting a size. If their is a damaged or defective piece, I will refund the amount of the purchase upon return of the damaged item. Defect or damage to be determined by myself and will make the decision as to weather the item is truly defective and requires replacement or refund. All custom orders are final sale, absolutely no returns or exchanges on these items.