"From the Earth" Textured Vase

Special Features

Spherical is round on the outside, and hollowed on the inside. It is not a traditional vase but more a statement piece and cutting-edge design. After creating a perfect sphere shape we decided to turn it inside-out by creating edges that curve inwards

  • Made In: USA
  • Material: Clay
  • Size (Dimensions): 6.5" x 6.5" x 7"
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The result is a unique shape that commands attention by it's sheer geometrical beauty and elegance. Spherical is created using a proprietary computational algorithm that has no flat edges. Every surface on the piece is completely round, smooth and curved. When it is glazed and fired, the colors cling perfectly to these surfaces and create a polished glass finish. The end result is stylishly spherical. Moondust starts its life unlike any other clay bodies. White clay is treated using a specially formulated mason stain to transform the clay into an ethereal black color. When this body interacts with our patterned glazes the result is a truly astonishing matte metallic look reminiscent of traditional roku technique!
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